Matthew 25 Garden

Messiah's Food Pantry has served residents in Hendricks County for many years.  The concept  to add healthy fresh food for those in need lead to the idea to create the Matthew 25 Garden to help fill the need of fresh produce for those who visit Messiah's food pantry. 

After much planning, a successful fund raising drive and partnering with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that meet at Messiah, the "GARDEN BUILDING" is now completed.  Take a walk out there and check it out.  It was dedicated the first Sunday in May, 2017 during the 11:15am GRACE service. 

The garden is composed of several raised beds including one that will be taller so our older and/or disabled members can still help if they so choose. The garden has very wide spaces between beds that are mulched and a gated fence around it.  This garden will not only help feed hungry people but it will look great also.