Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How can I find Messiah? Map/Directions
  2. What are your worship times? Worship Services
  3. When is nursery care available? Nursery Times
  4. What are your basic beliefs? Lutheran Beliefs
  5. How do I place someone on the prayer list? Email our support staff by clicking here:  Prayer List
  6. How do I make a referral for a Stephen Minister? Email our Director of Ministries by clicking here:   Stephen Minister
  7. How can I get plugged into Youth Ministry activities? Email our Director of Ministries:   Youth Ministry
  8. What children’s activities are offered?  Children’s Activities       
  9. How can I get involved as a ministry volunteer? Hands-on-Ministries
  10. How can I join a small group Bible study? Bible Studies
  11. What fellowship groups are available? Fellowship Groups
  12. How can I become a member? Email our Administrative Assistant: 
  13. How do I arrange for a wedding? Email our Administrative Assistant: Wedding
  14. How do I arrange for a baptism? Email our Administrative Assistant: Baptism
  15. How do I apply for use of the facility? Facility